A Plant-Based Burger For Even The Most Dedicated Carnivores

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A Plant-Based Burger For Even The Most Dedicated Carnivores

As one of the best restaurants in Oxfordshire, we know a thing or two about curating a mouth-watering menu to meet everyone’s needs. Our menu is rich and diverse, using only the finest locally sourced ingredients. Did you know that we’ve recently added a rather exciting plant-based dish to our offerings? The Moving Mountains® Burger.

The latest addition to our menu does not disappoint, developed by the food technology trailblazers at Moving Mountains® – this burger has everything you need to sate those meat cravings. The Moving Mountains® Burger was created as a plant-based meat alternative to rival the British beef burger in every possible way. It’s akin in taste, look, smell and satisfaction, and has been commended by top chefs throughout the UK. It’s also certified vegan by The Vegan Society, so you know it’s the real deal.

This succulent and flavoursome plant-based burger can fool even the most dedicated carnivores. A delicious concoction of natural ingredients give it its appearance, fibrous texture and meaty taste. Mushrooms provide a supple texture and meat-like appearance. Soya and wheat bind the ingredients together. Beetroot gives a hint of sweetness, and coconut oil delivers that delicious greasiness to really set the scene and fulfil those meaty cravings.

Despite all this deliciousness, the Moving Mountains® Burger is really good for you. This perfectly formulated plant-based burger has zero cholesterol and is 100% free of hormones, antibiotics and GMO ingredients. It contains 100% of your recommended daily allowance of B12, which is more than your average ¼ pounder beef burger can provide.

Sustainability is a topic close to our hearts, when we discovered that the Moving Mountains® Burger generates less greenhouse gas emissions and requires less resources to make than a beef burger – we were really impressed and we couldn’t wait to add it to our menu.

The Moving Mountains® Burger is now one of the most requested dishes at our Abingdon restaurant. Served with a supple farmhouse bun on a bed of fresh gem lettuce, succulent beef tomato and crunchy red onions accompanied by crispy skin-on seasoned fries – it really is the talk of the town.

Why not pay us a visit and find out what all the fuss is about. Book a table, banish those meat cravings and try this truly scrumptious plant-based burger – you won’t be disappointed.