The Adventure Begins With Tea

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The Adventure Begins With Tea

Every adventure should begin with tea. What better way to begin your exploration of Oxfordshire than in our pub with a cup of the good stuff. Now there are plenty of Oxfordshire pubs to choose from, but when it comes to tea ours is unrivalled. Why? We stock only the finest tea from the specialists at Birchall Tea.

The Birchall Tea story begins 150 years ago in 1872. Birchall George Graham, a serving officer in the Duke of Wellington’s regiment, was stationed in India, a land he grew very fond of. When he left the army, he sold his commission and used his savings to kickstart his own tea company out there. He wasted no time at all and planted the first tea bushes in the early Spring of 1872, the seeds of a tea dynasty were planted and Birchall Tea was born.

Five generations have passed and his legacy lives on, the Graham family continue to trade tea across the world and now have wide-spread interests in East Africa. Here you will find their many trading offices and an enormous tea factory situated in Mombasa, Kenya. Now they are positioned as one of the biggest exporters of black teas from East Africa.

Birchall Tea believes that in order to produce the best tasting tea, you need the best growers. Their East African tea estates provide valuable employment all year round; they employ expert cultivators and estate managers with broad and valuable tea growing knowledge. It’s this vital expertise that allows them to produce the finest tea leaves and subsequently the full flavour and rich tasting tea that they are famed for. So it’s no surprise that they have been recognised globally with copious prestigious accolades and awards for their offerings.

On top of producing some of the world’s finest teas, they make time to ensure the company is environmentally friendly. Their new tea factory in Amesbury, Wiltshire is the very first solar-powered tea factory in the UK. The factory features over 460 solar panels, which are capable of generating all of the clean renewable electricity they need to fulfil their on-site operations. They have also made significant efforts to reduce excess and single-use plastic from their supply chain. Their products are now plastic-free or derived from plant-based materials where possible. Furthermore, the entirety of their tea range is now Carbon Neutral. They officially joined the UN’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative in 2020 – the very first tea company in the world to do so. Birchall Tea is firmly at the forefront of the green movement in the tea industry.

Who better to supply our Oxfordshire pub than Birchall Tea, a company that not only delivers great tasting tea but impressive eco-credentials too. We’re about much more than simply pulling pints here, which is why we’re known as one of the best pubs in Oxfordshire. 

If you’re in the mood for a brew, why not join us and experience the finest cup of tea firsthand. After all, there’s always time for tea.


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